Robert Ramírez - Sick of love

Robert Ramírez has been composing and producing songs for television series for years. He is the "anonymous voice" behind nearly a hundred musical moments in series such as One Step Forward, The  Serranos, and Paco's Men, among others.

He has also had several number one hits on the music charts and has composed major hits for other performers such as “Me siento bien”, “Dancing in the Street”, “Cómo voy a escapar de aquí” for UPA Dance; “La vida al revés” for Fran Perea; and Michelle Jenner’s “Me gusta así”.

Ramírez's film debut was in 2009, when he contributed several pieces to the original sound track of the major box-office hit Brain Drain. His single "Sick of Love" got a lot of media coverage as the opening theme for the show The Joke Club, and this marked Ramírez’s first foray into the world of dance music, as he continues to experiment with different musical styles.