Fri, 26/01/2018
Globomedia sign Fernando González Molina as showrunner
The director of box-office hits like “Three Steps Above Heaven” and “Palm Trees in the Snow” will work for MEDIAPRO to develop tv and cinema proyects.

The MEDIAPRO Group continues to strengthen its commitment to talent with the addition of director Fernando González Molina to the Globomedia team. Box-office successes like "Brain drain", "Three Steps Above Heaven" or "I Want You" are just some of the projects to endorse Molina’s meteoric career as a director. A graduate in Audiovisual Communication from the University of Navarra and Film Direction studies under his belt, González Molina re-joins Globomedia as a showrunner to focus on the initial stage development of fiction projects, contributing his wit to the entire creative process. His relationship with the MEDIAPRO Group is part of a global agreement in which, in addition to creating new series for Globomedia, he will also develop cinema projects. This alliance will also enable González Molina to develop other projects he had previously committed to.

“I want to thank Fernando for returning to us with his talent, instinct and sensitivity which have captivated audiences in such numbers", said Javier Pons, CEO of Globomedia. Fernando González Molina, clearly enthusiastic about his return to the producer, stated, "I‘m happy to return to the place where I was given the first opportunities and to whom I owe so much. GLOBOMEDIA was for me the place where I directed my first series, I shot my first film, a place I have always felt an emotional bond with. It’s a real luxury to get this opportunity to develop both TV fiction and film projects with them, and I hope it’s the beginning of a lasting and fruitful collaboration.

González Molina returns to Globomedia where a large part of his career in television grew and flourished with hits such as "One Step Forward" or "Paco’s Men", which he directed for six seasons-, and as director and executive producer on "The Boat" or "Luna, the mystery of Calenda".
Fernando’s most recent work as a director includes the thriller "The Invisible Guardian" – the first film in the Baztán Trilogy - and the documentary "The Best Day of My Life", which narrates the stories of people from different corners of the globe who converge in Madrid during the World Pride celebration.