Thu, 18/01/2018
Javier Olivares & Globomedia join forces to develop fiction projects
The showrunner, creator of several hit series including "Isabel" and "The Ministry of Time", will be exclusively associated with MEDIAPRO Group"s production company.

Javier Olivares, creator and screenwriter responsible for several TV production hits joins the ranks at Globomedia (MEDIAPRO Group) to develop fiction projects. Javier, who holds a degree in History and a Master’s degree in Art Theory, will be exclusively associated with the production company, where he had worked in the past as a screenwriter on successful shows such as “The Comedy Club”, “The Serrano’s” and “Paco’s Men”.

According to Globomedia CEO Javier Pons, "For Globomedia and the MEDIAPRO Group, it is a pleasure to welcome one of the most outstanding fiction showrunners in Spain aboard and with whom we aspire to maintain our firm commitment to bringing the best creative minds together. We are united by the volition to tell great stories, doing so with the utmost quality and professionalism possible".

For Olivares, "returning to Globomedia is like a homecoming. Both my brother Pablo and I spent many years here. But, above all, it is going to work with excellent professionals who share the same passions as myself: to create series. I think these are exciting times for Spanish fiction series and it is an honour that they asked me to join them."

Javier Olivares will combine his work as showrunner with his passion for literature, having authored and published several novels including “Isabel: Everybody knows the Queen, but nobody knows Isabel” and “Philip: You Will Inherit the World”- together with his lecturing career as Professor of Screenwriting in Spain’s most prestigious Film Schools and Faculties. Creator of hit series including “Isabel”, “Víctor Ros” (based on the novels by Jerónimo Tristante) and “The Ministry of Time” –together with his brother Pablo Olivares-, all of which were produced for TVE and productions such as “Infidels”; “Kubala, Moreno and Manchón” -with Anaïs Schaaff-, both for TV3.

Globomedia is the leading television fiction production company in Spain, responsible for titles including “Locked Up”, “I am Alive”, “The Accident”, “The red Eagle”, “The Boarding School” “Lifeline” and TV programmes such as “El Intermedio”, “Zapeando” and “The Comedy Club”. Globomedia’s impressive track record includes several ground-breaking formats and programmes such as “Médico de familia” (1995), “Caiga quien caiga” (1996), “7 Lives” (1999) and “Aida” (2005), “One Step Forward” (2002), “The Serrano’s” (2003) or “59 seconds” (2004). In the same vein, Globomedia is also a reference in original content creation in the field of current-affairs humour programmes.

In addition, Globomedia fiction productions are present in more than 125 countries, having special relevance in Europe. Adaptations and original versions of the series that triumph in Spain also do so on TV networks the world over.Javier Olivares, creador y guionista de exitosas producciones para televisión, se incorpora a Globomedia (Grupo MEDIAPRO) para desarrollar proyectos de ficción. Licenciado en Historia y Magister en Teoría de las Artes, Olivares estará vinculado en exclusiva a la productora, donde ya trabajó como guionista en éxitos como “El Club de la Comedia”, “Los Serrano” o “Los Hombres de Paco".