"Aída" is a sitcom shot in front of a live audience that portrays the hardships of a middle-aged divorcée as she struggles to support her family. Set in a very modest neighborhood, the story is told from an ironic yet realistic point of view. Aída will have to maintain her children, her obnoxious mother as well as her brother -the black sheep of the family-. For Aída, life is one big struggle to try and make ends meet.


Genre: Comedy
Length: 45 min
Episodes: 169
Seasons: 11
Year of production: 2005
Language: Spanish

Cast: Carmen Machi, Paco León, David Castillo, Marisol Ayuso, Melanie Olivares, Pepe Viyuela, Eduardo Casanova, Miren Ibarguren, Ana Polvorosa, Secun de la Rosa, Mariano Peña.

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