Four Doors

Sebas is proud of the badge he wears as a municipal cop. He is happily married, has two wonderful kids and works in his dream job. But the day of his twentieth wedding anniversary, his wife, Lola, tells him there's another man and kicks him out of the house. Ready to fight for what is his, he moves in across the hall from his ex-wife. Olivia and Ana are his roommates, two single thirty-something girls barely making ends meet.


Genre: Sitcom
Length: 45 min
Episodes: 19
Seasons: 2
Nationality: Spanish
Year of production: 2011
Language: Spanish
Cast: Carmen Ruiz, Malena Alterio, Antonio Molero, Arturo Valls, Patricia Montero, Raúl Fernández, Juan Antonio Lumbreras, María Isasi, Andrea Ros, Nacho Montes, Itziar Lazcano, Adrian Lastra, Patricia Conde.

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