In the Heart of the Ocean

The story is set in the 16th Century. King Charles I of Spain is concerned about the increasing level of miscegenation in the Americas. He sends 80 young women to repopulate the New World with Spanish blood. A six year journey will see the women constantly in danger: attacked by pirates, ambushed by Indians and crossing 2000 Km of jungle on foot while facing the threat of the Portuguese for the control of the region. 


Length: 6 x 70’ / 10 x 50’
Genre: Period Drama
Year of production: 2011
Language: Spanish
Players:  Ingrid Rubio, Hugo Silva, Clara Lago, Álvaro Cervantes, Ferrán Villajosana, Víctor Clavijo, María Cantuel, Hiba Abouk, Daniel Holguín, Ane Gabarain.

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