Nearly Perfect

Andrés, who runs a used-car lot, and Elena, an art restoration expert have been married for ten years. They live in the suburbs with their two daughters. But their life is far from perfect because of constant interference from Andres’ mother and family. His brother Manolo is a chauvinist, xenophobe. His other brother Popi also interferes, as does his snobbish cousin Monica and his best friend- the womanizing yet endearing Ivan. This series takes on family conflict with a comic twist.


Genre: Sitcom
Length: 45 min
Episodes: 26
Seasons: 2
Year of Production: 2004
Nationality: Spanish
Language: Spanish
Cast: Emilio Aragón, Alexis Valdés, Cristina Peña , Aitor Legardón, Yolanda Arestegui, Fernando Albizu, Ana María Barbany

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