5 Women.com

Following in the wake of its predecessor “5men.com”, five fabulous actresses will face the audience alone, armed only with their irony and sarcasm. Each of them reflects a different type of woman with a common question: Why aren’t men around very long? Through these five monologues, the actresses will try to provide an instruction manual to profit from and ensure that they stick around a lot longer.


Genre: Stand-up Comedy
Length: 90 min
Year of Production: 2002 - 05
Production Company: Globomedia
Cast: Beatriz Carvajal, Llum Barrera, Nuria González, Eva Hache, Pilar Bardem, Toni Acosta, Alexandra Jiménez, Cristina Peña, Ana Milán, Carmen Machi , Patricia Conde, Elisa Matilla, Neus Sanz, Mª Luisa Merlo.


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